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Teton Valley Aquatics Facility

The future Teton Valley Aquatics Facility will aim to provide year round water access to valley residents. We’re striving for a financially achievable approach to obtaining an aquatic facility that can grow with and adapt to changing needs. Read on for more information about where we are in the process towards Teton Valley's first community aquatics facility.


Our community currently lacks access to a formalized water safety program. Drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages 1-5, and Idaho ranks 2nd in the country for the highest rate of these deaths. Learning to swim early on reduces this risk by 88%. From a wellness and health perspective; aquatic exercise and therapy is one of the best forms of exercise for flexibility, joint health, cardio and strength training and balance in a low-impact environment. The facility also has an opportunity to serve as a community anchor, with an opportunity for diverse program offerings including hot pools, indoor exercise equipment, yoga classes, childcare, and indoor recreation space. All while creating jobs and keeping this income resource in our community.